Bearskin Services

Transforming Technology into Customer Solutions

Let our experience and reputation work for you! Bearskin Services is an established provider of Information Technology (IT) and Telecommunications Products and Support Services.

As a Wyandotte Tribe of Oklahoma (WTOK) company, Bearskin serves clients with the flexibility and responsiveness of a small business and the leadership, lessons learned, and financial backing of a large corporation. We identify areas for process and system improvements, creating time and cost savings for our customers. We provide quality in all business areas, and work with our customers through every phase of planning, design, installation, and support.

Our CPAR’s show our service is “Exceptional” across the board!

  • Quality
  • Schedule
  • Business Relations
  • Management of Key Personnel


From Our Customers . . .

“This is one of the most cooperative contractors…I’ve managed. Any issues were addressed and resolved promptly, negotiations were smooth, and they were always well-received on-site due to the quality of workmanship and general cooperative and professional behavior.”

-- Pam McGowen, Chief, Acq. Development Support O&M of the BTS for Dover AFB


“Bearskin has developed a professional team built on understanding Southwestern’s performance requirements. They consistently achieve results that significantly exceed expectations.” 

-- Tammy Moreno, Contracting Officer IT & PAO Support Services for Southwestern Power Administration


“Best quality of work seen in 14 years [as Ft. Knox’s CO].” 

-- Rod Prickett, Contracting Officer Networking Supplies & Construction at Ft. Knox

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